COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat

Selangor's Premier Industrial Address

About Us

A Freehold Industrial Zone

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat is a standout purpose built FREEHOLD industrial zone nestled within Selangor’s new growth corridor of Kuala Langat (5km from Banting town centre) designed to provide leading international and local manufacturers and logistics players with the ultimate relocation and consolidation opportunity.

COMPASS features flexible development options including ready built SME factories, ranging from 3,600 to 50,000 sf, at our guarded COMPASS SME Precinct development to larger “built to suit” developments (130,000 sf and above) at our COMPASS Industrial and Logistics Hub. 

A dedicated interchange to the West Coast Expressway only 3km from the site entrance offers unparalleled connectivity to the Klang Valleys highway network, ports and major cities.  

Couple its location with a myriad of value add features including green building features, modern utilities and infrastructure, workers accommodation, lush green landscapes and round the clock security makes, makes COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat a compelling investment for any logisitcs or manufacturing company.

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